Women in Togo Will Go on Sex Strike to Demand President’s Resignation

marches and other such protests to force politicians out of office! The
women in the civil rights group in Togo have come up with a plan that
may prove to be far more effective in their fight to demand the resignation
of the country’s president:

“We call on all women to deprive their husbands of sex for a
week from Monday,” Isabelle Ameganvi, a member of the group, told

“For us it’s a way to get all men, not only those from
the collective, to do more in the fight undertaken by Let’s Save
Togo over the past weeks.

“Women are the first victims of the disastrous situation that
we are living in in Togo. That’s why we are telling all women:
one week without sex. That’s also a weapon of the battle,”
said Ameganvi.