Why you should always wear your glasses when you’re cheating on a test.

While cheating is definitely the best thing to do in all situations, it's not for everyone, as evidenced by this example of what we call the  "Nearsighted Cheater's Folly." Luckily for this student the effects of the "Nearsighted Cheaters Folly" can easily be reversed by explaining to your teacher that you suffer from dyslexia and thus have a very difficult time with multiple choice tests. Dyslexia, after all, is covered under the Americans with Disabilites Act of 1991, so even if your teacher thinks you're lying, calling you out on it could result in a lawsuit, which, reagardless of the outcome of the case, would likely get her fired. And that's just not worth the risk, espeically to teach your dumb ass a lesson, so she's left with no choice but to turn your 0/10 into a 10/10. Problem solved. Now, next time wear your glasses.