Why Men Refuse to Ask for Directions: Blind Panic

Photo: Shutterstock

Why do men refuse to ask for directions? Tristan
, author of The
Natural Navigator
has a theory:

It is a scenario familiar to long-suffering wives everywhere. Hopelessly
lost on a country road, the man behind the wheel refuses to ask directions,
grits his teeth and drives even faster into unknown territory.

But while the reluctance of male drivers to accept any outside help
certainly seems like pig-headedness, it may actually stem from a less
macho cause: blind panic.

While women are more than happy to use all available resources to
help them reach a goal, men will rigidly stick to their original "system"
– such as a map or set of directions – even though it has
clearly led them astray.

Being forced to confront the fact that their system does not work
makes men flustered and usually results in them putting the pedal to
the floor in a desperate bid to avoid the reality of the situation,
experts said.

Nick Collins of The Telegraph explains: Link