Use YouTube as an Endless Music Player

Sometimes you just want to use YouTube like a radio, an endless music player running in the background that moves from one song to another while you work on other tasks.

YouTube playlists are a popular option but YouTube does have some built-in tools as well, like YouTube Disco and YouTube Leanback, that let you watch an uninterrupted stream of music videos from your favorite artists and bands.

Unlimited YouTube Music

YouTube transformed into an online music radio

YouTube as a Music Radio

There’s a new YouTube mashup in town, available at, that’s built around the same concept of “endless music” but offers a more pleasing and uncluttered UI. You search for your favorite song and the app will create an unending playlist of music video based on that song.

The app internally uses YouTube’s own Related API to find music videos similar to your base song but if the algorithms aren’t working right, you can always skip the song or switch to a different music playlist available on the right. Worth a bookmark.

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Digital Inspiration @labnolThis story, Use YouTube as an Endless Music Player, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on 27/09/2012 under YouTube, Internet.