The Starbucks Diet

weight may be as simple as going to your neighborhood coffee shop. At
least, that’s what worked for Christine Hall, who lost nearly 80 pounds
by eating only Starbucks food:

A law librarian with two jobs, she gets her meals from the Starbucks
right near work, where employees have cheered on the 5-foot, 4-inch
Hall as she’s gone from weighing 190 to a trim 114 pounds.
As she tracked her calorie intake online, she started eating almost
exclusive at Starbucks two years ago because it’s convenient and
the products include calorie information. […]

A daily menu could consist of oatmeal for breakfast and a 5-calorie
cup of coffee, a “bistro box” with fruit and cheese for
lunch, and, she said, “I love a panini for dinner because it fills
me up.”