The Bermuda Triangle for Pigeons

If you're a pigeon fancier in England, then you probably already knew
about the mysterious "Bermuda Triangle" area encompassing Thirsk,
Wetherby and Consett:

In the latest episode, only 13 out of 232 birds released in Thirsk
last Saturday by a Scottish pigeon racing club made it back to Galashiels
in the Scottish Borders. […] Scottish pigeon racer Austin Lindores
said: “When they fly down to the Thirsk, Wetherby and Consett
area we call it the Bermuda Triangle because something always seems
to happen.

Theories include summer rains that send the birds off course, high solar
activity that distorted the magnetic fields the birds use to navigate,
problems with birds of prey, and even signals from a local monitoring
station. Link

What say you, Neatoramanauts? What do you think caused the birds to go
missing in the Bermuda Triangle of pigeons?