Should Seat Belts for Pets be Mandatory?

Most people know that they either click it or ticket, but should the
failure to buckle up your pets lead to a fine as large as $1,000? That’s
the question facing New Jersey, where a mandatory pet seat belt bill has
been proposed:

Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer, a Newark Democrat who owns a Pomeranian
named A.J. along with five cats and a rabbit, has introduced a bill
to require motorists to secure dogs and felines with a seatbelt-like
harness if they’re not being transported in crates. Violators
would get a $25 ticket that might escalate to an animal-cruelty charge
with a fine of as much as $1,000 in extreme cases, such as having an
unrestrained pet in the bed of a pickup.

Not everyone agrees, however:

Her proposal riles Assemblyman Jay Webber, a Morris Plains Republican
who calls the bill “busybody government at its best.” Webber,
whose family when he was a child had a Lhasa apso, introduced a measure
to clarify that failure to restrain an animal isn’t equivalent
to inhumane treatment. He also said New Jersey is grappling with bigger
issues, including a budget deficit and a stagnant economy.

Bloomberg has the story: Link

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