Secure your Dropbox Account with 2-Step Verification

Something everyone has been eagerly waiting for. You can now secure your Dropbox account using 2-step verification meaning an intruder would need more than just your password to access any of the confidential files stored in your Dropbox folders.

Secure Dropbox Account

Enable 2-step verification to secure your Dropbox Account

The 2-Step verification system of Dropbox is pretty similar to that of Google.

You can either choose to receive the 6-digit security codes on your mobile phone via text messages (Dropbox supports international phone numbers too) or if you have a smartphone (Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows Phone), you can download the Authenticator app and generate time-sensitive codes locally on the phone itself.

To get started, go to your Dropbox account’s security page and Enable two-step verification – the setting is available right at the bottom of the page. Now follow the wizard to associate your phone (or phone number) with the security option. Dropbox will also provide an emergency backup code that you should print and keep at a secure place – this will be required if you ever lose your mobile phone and need to get into Dropbox sidestepping the security settings.

Once 2-step authentication is enabled, go to and download the latest installers for Dropbox (available for Windows, Mac and Linux). There aren’t any new features here except that these new software builds include support for signing-in through 2-step verification.

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Also, if you have setup Dropbox on your mobile phones and tablets, it maybe a good idea to unlink all these devices from your Dropbox account and relink – all these device will now require a 6-digit code that is only available on your mobile phone. And whenever a new computer, phone or tablet is used to log into your Dropbox account, you also get an instant email notification.

Dropbox Verification Code

Safely keep your emergency Dropbox Code because you never know when you may need it.

Thank you Harmeet Singh for the tip.

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