Remove the Ghost Profiles from your Facebook Friends List

Do you have an account on Facebook? Try this.

Facebook Friend Count

Go to and note the number of friends that you have as calculated by Facebook. Now count the number of profiles listed on the page as that is actual number of friends you have on Facebook. The two numbers may not always match with each other.

Why would that happen?

The reason is simple. If you are friends with John Q Public on Facebook and he later decides to delete or deactivate his Facebook account, that “ghost” profile will still remain a part of your Facebook friends circle. You need to manually “unfriend” all these deactivated profiles for Facebook to reflect the correct friend count.

The other problem is these deactivated “ghost” profiles won’t show up in your Facebook friends list so how do you break the connection with them? Here’s a workaround:

Deactivated Facebook Profiles in your Friends List

Hit the search box on the page and type a letter. Facebook will now show all friends that have that letter anywhere in the name and the one difference is that Facebook will now list even the deactivated profiles in the search results.

You can easily recognize the deactivated profiles as they will have the default Facebook silhouette for their profile picture. Unfriend these non-existent profiles one by one and repeat the search with another alphabet.

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Digital Inspiration @labnolThis story, Remove the Ghost Profiles from your Facebook Friends List, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on 25/09/2012 under Facebook, Internet.