Queen Elizabeth II in Hyperspace!

do you give a queen who has everything for her Diamond Jubilee? How about
a territory in hyperspace?

That's exactly what Oxford University mathematician Marcus du Sautoy
gave Queen Elizabeth II: he named a new symmetrical object in hyperspace
("The Diamond Jubilee Group") in Her Majesty's honor.

The Queen won’t be able to take a stroll around her new mathematical
domain as this symmetrical object exists beyond our three-dimensional
universe. Instead, she will receive a framed certificate from Professor
du Sautoy describing in mathematical language the contours of her strange
new dominion. The contours of this new shape encode three important
numbers: 1952, the year of The Queen’s accession to the throne, 2012,
and 60 (the years she has reigned).

Best of all, you, too, can name a hyperspace symmetry after someone you
love in exchange for a little donation to charity: Link
– via Wired