Paper monster show at Light Grey Lab

A few of my favorites from the paper monster show at Light Grey Lab. These are all on sale, but they’re $25 each, and they come shipped rolled up, which doesn’t seem like a good idea.

“The Lady in Gray” by Erik Krenz

“Sgt. McCartney” by Andrea Alcaraz

“The Fallen Hero” by Chris Hajny

“Little Smith” by Matt Hawkins

“Antoinette the Voodoo Bride” by Genna Lee

“Captain Klee Shay” by Ian Gorton

“Comrade Zombie… In SPACE!” by Jez Tuya

“ALBERT X” by Sara J. Schultz

“Little Lady Jiang Shi” by Lillian Duermeier

“The Deadly Draugr” by Liz Nugent