On The Origin of Success

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
A blog of a thousand posts starts with a single word. But what about successful
people, companies, and inventions? How did they get their start? What
happened on their (often long and winding) road to success?

That’s the focus of Neatorama’s newest blog, On the Origin of Success, where you’ll find
the story of what famous people did before they become famous, how entrepreneurs
build iconic companies, how ordinary things we use every day often have
extraordinary beginnings.

The title of the blog, On the Origin of Success, is inspired
by the seminal
work of Charles Darwin
, so in his honor, we will inaugurate the blog
with a look into the life of the English naturalist, before he became
the Father of Evolution.

Let’s start. We’ll have fun along the way: How Charles Darwin Got His Start