NYC’s Hamburger Alley is Burgeriffic!

As previously posted on this blog, a brand new Webseries has launched called Hungry In (New York) (Los Angeles) (Austin) (Phildelphia) (etc). If the rest of the episodes are as good as the first, this YouTube premium channel show might just give traditional media a chomp for its money. Here’s what Tubefilter had to say this morning:

The conceit of the show is simple: Six local food writers, each hailing from a different city, take you on a tour of their favorite places to eat. The foodie Wonder Team consists of New York’s Josh Ozersky, Los Angeles’ Adrianna Adarme, Philadelphia’s Brian Freedman, San Francisco’s Marcia Gagliardi, Austin’s Tolly Moseley, and Chicago’s Erica Bethe Levin. The show will thus profile not only the flavor profiles of various cities but also the differing attitudes of each critic. Each host is a member of Citysearch’s scout team

Check out the premiere episode below and tell us what you think! And if you’re craving even more bacon after taking a stroll through NYC’s Hamburger Alley, be sure to visit our bacon store!

Hamburger Alley map created for Hungry In and used with permission by illustrator Brett Affrunti.