The world’s oldest woman turned 116 over the weekend. She attributes her long life to not eating junk food, so, it looks like we’re not going to see 116 after all.

Pink noise might help you sleep better than white noise, but your house may smell like strawberry lemonade.

The only problem with a life-size Darth Vader cake is that everyone wants a hand piece.

Ann Romney is set to speak about her husband at the Republican Convention this evening, so, if you base your presidential decisions on whether the candidate leaves his wet towel on the bathroom floor or puts it in the hamper, tonight might be your chance to find out.

That spunky little robot Curiosity has taken its first sniff of Mars. Ironically, it smells like nougat, caramel, almonds and milk chocolate.

Also, that rumor about John Mayer dating the Curiosity Mars rover is probably just a rumor. Probably.

Airlines would rather you didn’t wear stuff that might make other fliers uncomfortable, like really lo-cut tops, or T-shirts with dirty words on them, or parachutes.

According to scientists, we all may be forced to become vegetarians by 2050. Luckily, we’ve been bacon-hoarding  years.

This boy who wore braces for 11 years is upset, and understandably so. Who would want something that isn’t bacon in their mouth for 11 years?