Older women generally earn less, but give more to charity. In defense of younger women,though, those tattoos don’t come cheap.

Thanks to a heroic umpire, this woman is safe at home.

A town in Connecticut is claiming to be a part of New York City. In other news, the Frank Sinatra remix “New York, Connecticut” just hit #247 on the iTunes charts.

An elderly woman attempted to “fix” a century old painting by painting over it, illustrating once again that the older is guaranteed, the wiser is very much optional.

They’re testing some talking cars in Michigan. Well, OK, as long as they’re not talking on cell phones.

If you’re in Cape Town today and see this renegade hippo, call the police. He may be hungry, hungry.

You can buy a can of air from Paris for just $9.99. No word on whether any love is in the air, though.