Neighborly Feud Escalated with Swearing Cockatoo

one thing to have a feud with your neighbor. It’s a whole ‘nother thing
entirely when said feud involves a cockatoo. A swearing cockatoo.

Let’s see if you can follow the twist and turns of this story of a what
can only be called the opposite of neighborly love over at Rhody Beat:

According to Melker, neighbors Lynne Taylor and Chris Levasseur, residents
at 51 Harris Avenue, are harassing them extensively. She claims Taylor
verbally insults them by yelling obscenities as well as threatening
them. Now, says Melker, Taylor has also gotten her umbrella cockatoo,
Willy, involved.

Since June 2011, Melker claims the bird has been calling her a “f*cking
wh*re.” This ruffles Melker’s feathers.

Oh, did we tell you that the two neighbors used to be married to each
other? Link
– via MSN