Meet the Fokkens

In the Netherlands, where prostitution is legal, there are about 25,000
prostitutes but two in particular really stood out. Meet
the Fokkens
, 70-year-old identical twins Louise and Martine who have
the remarkable distinction of being old workers in the oldest profession:

Neither Louise nor Martine Fokkens fit the stereotype of a window prostitute
in Amsterdam. The majority of women working in the most notorious public
brothel scene in Europe are young, conventionally attractive and from
outside of Holland. The Fokkens are 70-year-old identical twins, and
very Dutch.

Known as the "oldest window girls" in Amsterdam, Louise and
Martine have almost 100 years' experience of prostitution between them.
They have been the subject of a well-received film aptly named Meet
the Fokkens and have written a book about their lives, due to be released
later this month.

Julie Bindel of The Guardian traveled to the red-light district of Amsterdam
to interview the twins: Link