Man Flattened by Falling Mattress

I keep my wallet in my front pocket, and still, tragedy strikes. #fallingmattresses

— Jesse Scott Owen (@JesseScottOwen) September 19, 2012

Jesse Scott Owen was new to New York City, but the 18-year-old got a big city experience Tuesday when a mattress fell off the roof of a building and landed on him. Owen was walking along Broad Street when the falling futon knocked him out cold.

“This was the most absurd thing that ever happened to me,” he told the Daily News.

Owen, who moved to the city three weeks ago from Florida to attend King’s College in lower Manhattan, said he was on his way to a class when he suddenly lost consciousness.

“I woke up and people were putting me on the mattress,” he said. “I asked where the mattress came from and they said, ‘You were knocked out by it.’ ”

Passers-by tended to him until emergency workers arrived. Owen was taken to a hospital with a sprained neck and a possible herniated disc. But he managed to Tweet about the experience. The mattress had fallen from the rooftop spa of the Setai Wall Street, about 30 stories up. Link -via Arbroath