Madonna makes incredibly confusing political statement in desperate bid for attention.

For better or for worse, Madonna is allowed to say whatever she wants.

A quick look at the faces of the backup dancers will tell you that no one knows why these words are coming out of Madonna's mouth. Either she really thinks Obama is Muslim and loves it, or she's missing the most important part of sarcasm: sounding sarcastic. Most likely, however, she's just copying Nicki Minaj, who confused the political classes by seeming to endorse Mitt Romney and repeating the GOP party line about lazy bitches f***ing up the economy. That didn't calm down until the President explained that Minaj has many different "characters" (which she developed to cope with her traumatic childhood – so think about that the next time you're ogling her Dolly Partons). Let's just hope no one in pop culture ever decides to talk to us seriously, or we'll have to hear Madonna actually explain her opinions.