Living Large in a Tiny House

We’ve posted about living in cramped
before on Neatorama, but I love how one family learned that
they could actually live large by living in a tiny house:

Hari and Karl Berzins decided to build a tiny home for their family
in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains to free themselves of the financial
burden of owning a large home.
They knew that moving two children, a dog and a cat into a 168-square
foot space would be a challenge, though it would also eliminate the
need for a mortgage and cut their utility costs.

But they didn’t expect it to completely change their lives, Hari Berzins
said. […]

"Living mortgage-free has given us the freedom to make decisions
based on what will make us happy, not what we have to do to pay the
mortgage," Berzins
said in a CNN iReport

The Berzins are part of a small contingent of homeowners who have found
solace living in less than 500 square feet. Many of them live in homes
built on trailers so
they can move around
; others, like the Berzins, live on property
they own. Others live in Cob
homes built of clay and mica
. Some are motivated by a desire to
lessen their carbon footprint while others want to own a home without
worrying about property taxes.

Emanuella Grinberg has more over at CNN: Link