Link roundup

1. The excellent Zach Bellissimo is offering $15 and up commissions.

2. From an article about the importance of pallets:

Companies like Ikea have literally designed products around pallets: Its “Bang” mug, notes Colin White in his book Strategic Management, has had three redesigns, each done not for aesthetics but to ensure that more mugs would fit on a pallet (not to mention in a customer’s cupboard). After the changes, it was possible to fit 2,204 mugs on a pallet, rather than the original 864, which created a 60 percent reduction in shipping costs. There is a whole science of “pallet cube optimization,” a kind of Tetris for packaging;


3. The best dive of the 2012 Olympics.

4. Mort Walker frequently would create racy versions of his Beetle Bailey comic strip as a gag.

5. Available at Amazon is the Neil wearing a hockey mask figure from Paranorman.