Link roundup

1.  From Will Leitch’s positive review of new cop movie End of Watch:

Certain movies just resonate with their target audience for decades, even if they never broke through to the rest of the planet, even if they’re not really all that good. Teachers have a thing for Mr. Holland’s Opus. Doctors seem to have a thing for 1991’s The Doctor, in which hotshot surgeon William Hurt contracts a serious illness and learns what it’s like to be a patient. Writers are into Adaptation; wine people are into Sideways; banker assholes are into Boiler Room. These movies make their specialized viewers feel as if they were watching the perfect-world version of their chosen profession or passion, and therefore of themselves. That’s what movies are suppose to do, after all.

2.  How to sort of get Google Maps on iOS6.  Relatedly, how to fix it if iOS6 messed up your wifi.

3. I’d believe anything at this point: “Mitt Romney ‘Dyed His Face Brown‘ to Appeal to Latino Voters.”

4.  New listings added to the BBTS: The Dark Knight Returns four figure set; and a whole bunch of threeA toys.