Fisherman Reels in Live Grenade


In proper grenade fishing, you’re supposed to throw grenades, not catch them. Tell that to Matt Tucker, who was fishing in a lake near Springfield, Missouri:

He noticed an old sock near his lure and pulled the odd bit of trash out of the lake.

Inside the sock? A Vietnam-era pineapple hand grenade with the safety pin still intact.

“I felt the weight to it and felt the ridges of the pineapple and knew what it was,” said Tucker, who formerly served in the Army. “I looked at it and found it wasn’t a dud — it wasn’t drilled out."

Was it a live grenade? According to a US Army bomb disposal technician, yes:

“The pin was still in it,” Herbert said. “Based on the X-rays we saw, I’m going to call it armed,” Herbert said.

Let’s just be glad he wasn’t noodling.

Link -via Brian J. Noggle | Photo: Springfield Fire Department