Divorce Newspaper

Hiroki Terai, Japan’s
premier divorce planner
(yes, he came up with the brilliant idea of
the divorce ceremony)
noticed that it’s such a chore for recently divorced people to have to
explain everyone they know about their failed marriages, so he came up
with the divorce newspaper:

Mr. Terai came up with the divorce newspaper, which offer readers a
deep analysis of your failed marriage. When divorcing couples sign up
for a divorce paper, they are first interviewed about their marriage,
their feeling for each other, and whatever other stuff they want included.
Then all the info is compiled into the newspaper within a week, and
delivered according to their specifications. Divorcees can even choose
between three different formats for their divorce newspapers: Japanese
“sports page” style, “English headline” style,
or “South American” style. And if you pay an extra charge
, you can even have your old marriage converted into a Game of Life
board and included in the newspaper. Each square represents a milestone
in your relationship with the final square (goal) marked off as “Happy

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