Chinese Families with All of Their Worldly Possessions

Think you’ve got a lot of stuff? Well, you do – in comparison to these
families in China as photographed by Huang Qingjun, who has spent the
last decade travelling to remote parts of the country to persuade people
to pose with all of their worldly possessions in front of their homes:

The idea for the series about people’s material goods, now called Jiadang
(Family Stuff), came in 2003 with some photos he took for the magazine
Chinese National Geography. But the project didn’t really get under
way until three years later, when Huang started travelling around China
looking for suitable places and people.

"Most people thought what I was proposing was not normal. When
I explained I wanted to set up a photo, that it would involve taking
everything out of their house and setting it up outside, that took quite
a lot of explaining," he says.

"But almost all of them, when they realised what I was trying
to do, they understood the point."

Angus Foster of the BBC has more: Link