Action Abstraction: Abstract Superheroes by David Leblanc

David Leblanc, Action Abstraction No. 17: “…Unbound!”

As a boy, like many others, artist David Leblanc was fascinated with comics. When he was older and studying art at UMass/Dartmouth, he began incorporating Action Comics covers into his large-scale abstract works.

After struggling for many years with how to integrate this boyhood passion in to my paintings, I stumbled upon a book comprised of Action Comics covers featuring Superman from the 1930’s and 1940’s. The book became the inspiration for my signature Action series combining the elements of Abstract Expressionism and the Pop Art elements of comic books.

Now he sells his awesome comics-inspired art through Action Abstraction Studio, home of works like the one shown above and manymore acrylic enamel works, mostof which are at least 4 feet tall. Galleries -via Facebook 

(h/t Stephan Anstey)