11-Set Venn Diagram

You’ve never seen the Venn Diagram like this before: a flowery diagram
for 11 sets of objects, made by Khalegh Mamakani and Frank Ruskey at the
University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada:

One of the sets is outlined in white, and the colours correspond to
the number of overlapping sets. The team called their creation Newroz,
Kurdish for "the new day". The name also sounds like "new
rose" in English, reflecting the diagram's flowery appearance.

To find the rose-like diagram, the pair had to comb through myriad
potential diagrams, represented as lists of numbers corresponding to
the way the curves cross. Sifting through all of the possibilities for
an 11-set diagram would be an impossible task even for the combined
might of Earth’s computers, so the researchers narrowed the options
by restricting the search to diagrams with a property called crosscut
symmetry, meaning that a segment of each set crosses all the other sets
exactly once.

New Scientist has the post (and the nifty
of more sets of Venn Diagrams): Link