Tiny Little Movie Review: Premium Rush

Doesn’t it seem like there’s just an endless amount of stuff we can argue about? Big things, of course, but also so many little things that it doesn’t seem like an exaggeration to say there are certainly some of us who will argue over anything.

Bicycles, for example. Not whether you should ride them in the road with your spandexed  buddies, but, believe it or not, whether that bike has brakes or gears or not. That’s right, fixie culture exists, and it’s ready to argue. So the movie has lots of super fast downtown traffic biking, but in between there is seething resentment that often boils over about whether your bike can go into second. These arguments are set against a race against time, and a truly scary bad guy.

Michael Shannon, who became huge with a small film called Take Shelter, is really seriously scary. Like, the other cast  members probably ate lunch with him, but mostly out of fear. If you’ve never had a fear lunch at work, I don’t recommend it. They are not even as fun as they sound, but this guy, well, he seems like he (the guy, not the character, but also the character) has an unpredictably virulent streak and just might at any point do something horrifying. That’s good for a villain, not so much for a guy you’re eating lunch with.

For example, it would be best to see what kind of bike he prefers and just say that’s the one you prefer too. Don’t get into an argument with him. And if you rode to the commissary on a fixie and he’s freewheelin’ it, well, just walk back to the set.