The Smell-O-Phone is Here!

Smell-O-Vision, the Smell-O-Phone is here! When a female staff of Japanese
company Chaku Perfume lamented that "you can't send smell through a
cell phone," the company's tech guys took it as a challenge to create
the Chat Perf:

… they developed a new communication service in the way of an iPhone
application and device called “Chat Perf,” which can send
smells across cyber space. Amazing!

Chat Perf is, surprisingly a simple gadget. All it takes is the Chat
Perf attachable device, which includes an atomizer and a smell tank
and fits snugly into your iPhone’s dock port. Just plug it into
your iPhone and the smell can be sent to another iPhone user using the
same device in a puff of spray.

Rocket News 24 has the story: Link
– via PopSci.
I can’t wait to get one from John. He smells like rainbow and awesomeness.