The Human Scarecrow

Fox has got the perfect job: sitting down in the middle of a field, breathing
fresh air, reading a book, and idly strumming the ukulele. Except when
he sees birds, then he has to get up from his comfy folding chair and
shoo them off.

Ah, the life of a human scarecrow:

Mr Fox, 22, has been employed to scare partridges from a field of oilseed
rape at Aylsham because conventional birdscarers have not worked.

As well as wearing a bright orange coat, Mr Fox uses an accordion and
a cowbell to frighten the birds.

Mr Fox, who graduated in the summer with a degree in music and English,
earns about £250 a week scaring the partridges from the 10-acre
(four-hectare) field.

"The farmer said to me, 'Bring a deckchair and a good book',"
said Mr Fox, who hopes to find a job in music and is learning to play
the ukulele during quiet moments in the field.

(Photo: Martyn Fox)