The Carbon Nanotubes Invisibility Cloak

Researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas have taken one step
closer to creating the Invisibility
à la Harry Potter. Instead of Demiguise
hair, they use carbon nanotubes:

CNTs have such unique properties, such as having the density of air
but the strength of steel, that they have been extensively studied and
put forward for numerous applications; however it is their exceptional
ability to conduct heat and transfer it to surrounding areas that makes
them an ideal material to exploit the so-called “mirage effect”.

Through electrical stimulation, the transparent sheet of highly aligned
CNTs can be easily heated to high temperatures. They then have the ability
to transfer that heat to its surrounding areas, causing a steep temperature
gradient. Just like a mirage, this steep temperature gradient causes
the light rays to bend away from the object concealed behind the device,
making it appear invisible.