Serious Concussion Leads to Accidental Musical Genius

photograph by Matt Nager

Chris Broughton (photograph by Matt Nager) dove into the shallow end and emerged a genius, literally. At 39, Broughton hit his head after carelessly diving into the shallow end of a pool and was diagnosed with a severe concussion. He was told that he would lose 39% of his hearing over time, as well as his memory. What he wasn’t told is that he would emerge a musical savant.

It's as if my knock on the head unlocked something latent, or enabled me to use some part of my brain I simply couldn't access before. But I still can't read or write music conventionally, and have to rely on special software to translate what I play into scores. I've played alongside a classically trained concert pianist, who was fascinated by my technique – in some respects, I play like someone who has just started learning, in others my skills outstripped his. It can be exhausting, though. The music often keeps me up at night, and I'll sometimes wake my girlfriend by "playing" her arm in my sleep.

                                       –The Guardian


Broughton says while he is worse off financially now, after the accident he quite his corporate job, but he is much happier concentrating on his music.

Via Unique Daily