Scientists Drink More Coffee Than Anyone

cOn a list of the 15 heaviest coffee-drinking professions, mine only came in fourth. Scientists and lab technicians are at the top, drinking more coffee than writers, doctors, teachers, and everyone else.

Among those polled, scientists and lab techs were found to be the heaviest coffee drinkers in the country. Anyone who works, or has worked, in science will likely find this result unsurprising. Science, after all, is a 24-hour job. Experiments often run on timelines that are in every way at odds with the circadian rhythms of a normal human being — or any other creature, for that matter. Many scientists work under crushing pressure to publish results before competing labs or research groups. Limited funding requires researchers to put in countless hours writing grant proposals when they could be doing science. (It's not that they're writing grants instead of doing science, by the way. They're writing grants and doing science.)

Not only do scientists do research, but they also research how much research is being done, how much coffee they drink doing it, and how to drink coffee more efficiency. See the rest of the list at io9. Link

(Image credit: The NeatoShop)