Proper Steeze Pack

Hey guys, this is a drawing for Proper Steeze, he asked me to draw him a logo and i was having fun drawing his logo i decided to make him a full pack of art he can use (its not necessary to use the background, I'm cool if you stick to your same one) For Music: Approaching Nirvana – First Flight So Here is whats up, the next drawing in the FerDraws series, get ready guys!!!!!!! FORST: Squarred Design's Skin NEXT UP: AnthonyLongboarding's Skin AFTER DAT: BigGunTree, your channel. Guys i don't do channel videos anymore, but if you want, ill give you the video for you to upload on your channel. AFTER DAT 1: MrManderlore's Desktop background AFTER DAT 2: PaulthethirdMC's Backround, AFTER DAT 3: LakuFTW's Avatar. Whew, so yeah guys i have a lot of work to do, ill promise to make as much of it done asap. I am also going to be posting a tutorial on how to draw mine craft since that has been so much requested. IF I FORGOT YOU PLEASE MSG ME. FROM NOW ON IF YOU WANT SOMETHING MSG ME BECAUSE IT IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT HAVING TO SWITCH FROM COMMENTS TO PMS's TO SEE WHO WANTS WHAT. Okay enjoy.
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