Portraits of Absence

Photo: Joe
Gerhard (motelrodeo)/Flickr

Finally! An undisputably solid excuse not to make my bed in the morning
that not even my wife can deny: it’s art. Seriously.

Photographer Joe Gerhard said this about his photography series "Unmade

There is an intimacy to an unmade bed that makes a photograph of a
stranger's bed both immediately familiar and vaguely transgressive.
This project began with a photograph of my own bed, taken just after
my wife and I climbed out of it one morning, which I titled "Self-Portrait".
It has always seemed to me that there is something evocative about an
unmade bed; something of a portrait by proxy of the person who had just
slept there. I see in these images palimpsests of the sleepers.

These photographs are, in a sense, portraits of absence.

Me and my palimpsests are going back to sleep right after this: Link
[Flickr photoset] – via American