Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds went out for fancy ice cream as part of the ongoing effort to make normal people feel just a little less fabulous.

A lion on the loose in a British village is quickly becoming the town’s mane attraction.

Old fashioned roller coasters still offer travelers thrills, only now it’s wondering if the seat belts work.

This prized ham sold at auction for $300,000. Would anybody be mad if we made a “bringing home the bacon” joke here?

Who will be inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame? Well, whoever it is, get ready for the least emotional Hall of Fame induction speeches ever.

Four out of five newspapers agree that when there’s no news, they take another poll.

Mitt Romney doesn’t like Obama’s ads. For one thing, not enough of them are pro-Romney.

The Dallas Cowboys have told wide receiver Dez Bryant that he can no longer go to strip clubs. As a consolation, they’ll start playing dance music in the locker room.

Taylor Swift crashed a Kennedy wedding. No word on whether she spoke now or forever held her peace.