The Pentagon knows the real identity of the former Navy SEAL who wrote a book about the bin Laden raid using a fake name. This according to a Pentagon spokesperson who identified himself as “Corporal Punishment, first assistant to General Electric.”

Things we now have in common with Lance Armstrong: Zero Tour de France titles.

“Arrested Development” has officially been pardoned.

There’s a new ap that tells you when political commercials are lying to you. It’s called the “Always! Duh!” ap.

John Mayer and Katy Perry have split because having one famous female writing nasty break-up songs about you just isn’t enough for some guys.

Hall and Oates fans have formed their own Super PAC. We can go for that.

If you’re a poisonous snake living near Nepal, just be sure you know your emergency procedures in case of manbite.

Calm down, fliers. Your legs are not getting longer.