50-year-old Roger Clemens is returning to baseball, proving that you’re never to old to chase a dream you achieved 25 years ago.

If you don’t like helmet hair, try this invisible bike helmet. It protects you from invisible cars and keeps you from having to get an invisible body cast.

Apparently, women can be whatever they shoes to be.

These penguins have escaped their Japanese zoo three times now, showing that apparently no one at the zoo has seen Madagascar.

Lance Armstrong’s options are limited after a federal judge threw out his suit. He was hoping to wear it again next week, but the tags say “dry clean only.”

Take a moment from whacking yourself upside the head to try to get “Call Me, Maybe” unstuck to find out how it got there in first place.

Missy Franklin got the Olympic rings tattooed on her upper thigh. It was either that or five nose rings

And in financial news, a big Facebook investor unfriended his shares.