Andy Murray has won the men’s US Open. So the next time we’re hitting a tennis ball against the garage door, that’s who we’re pretending to be.

Some baby otters got a new home, which is for the best since our idea for office otters got turned down again.

When it comes to ring security, this guy wasn’t the best man for the job.

Does it feel like we haven’t been talking about Fashion Week enough? Well, here’s some photos anyway.

Discovery of a rare spider has halted highway construction while crews build a waterspout so that spider can… well, you know how the song goes.

Will there be an iPhone 10? We’re just wondering so we can start mentally preparing for everything in our lives to be obsolete in a few years.

As it turns out, rich people are 288 times richer than you. Unless you’re one of the rich people, in which case, want to be friends?

There’s a new Broadway musical about a silent comedian. For those who can’t get enough mime soliloquies.

A farmer creating energy from walnut shells keeps summarizing the process in really short phrases.