Neatorama ‘Pin To Win’ Contest

This is going to be FUN for Pinterest members (established and new)! And maybe something we do pretty frequently, depending on how many of you get involved. So here’s how it works:

1) Put together a wishlist board of items from the Neatoshop – stuff you really want, badly (minumum 5 items, but no max)

2) Be as creative as possible when coming up with a name for your board, or a theme for your wishlist

3) Add the hashtag #NeatoPinToWin to each and every item you pin to that board

4) Follow us on Pintererst!

5) Close your eyes and wish really hard for something on your wishlist! The Neatorama editors will get together over the weekend and pick a few items from a few boards and put them in the mail to you. Bonus points for funny or otherwise well-thought-out themes and creative board titles that make us smile. 

Here’s a sample board we put together, just in case you're new to Pinterest and have no idea what we're talking about. Note that the Elmo backpack is pinned correctly, with¬†#NeatoPinToWin, while the zombie foot dog toy is not.