Mysterious Giant Eye Washed Ashore

Photo: Cari Segelson/Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Gino Covacci was walking along the surf in Pompano Beach, Florida, when
he noticed something odd in the sand, a giant eyeball staring back at
him. But exactly whose eyeball is a bit of a mystery:

So what creature is now swimming around with an eye patch?

No one is certain, although the waters off South Florida abound with
species large enough to be possibilities, including swordfish, tuna,
sharks and whales. Giant squids are known for developing huge eyes to
gather in what little light reaches their deep ocean habitat.

Charles Messing, a professor at Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic
Center, said he couldn’t rule out a giant squid but his examination
of photographs of various marine creatures led him to think the most
likely candidate was a swordfish.

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