Man Paid School Tuition with Mail-In Rebates

sounded like a plot straight out of Seinfeld, but Jonathan Hood really
did pay his school tuition with mail-in rebates.

Most companies send rebates in the form of prepaid debit cards, while
about a third use cash or checks, he said. Almost all the rebates Hood
uses are "free-after-rebate" offers, which means he's refunded
the full amount.

[…] it was a month ago that he achieved his greatest feat so far:
Using rebates to cover almost a semester’s worth of tuition at Auburn
University, where he’s studying for his PhD.

"Tuition for this semester was $4,500," he said. "I
paid over $2,500 of it with prepaid debit cards [from rebates] and a
little over $1,000 of it with rebate checks."
He estimates he entered between 200 and 250 prepaid debit cards into
the University’s online bill pay system. After all the rebates were
counted, he was left with less than $1,000 to pay out of pocket.

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