MacGyver Robot

Humans do it, chimps do it, elephants do it, heck even crows
do it
. Use tools, I mean. And now, thanks to Mike Stilman at the Georgia
Institute of Technology, robots may soon use tools as well:

“Our goal is to develop a robot that behaves like MacGyver, the
television character from the 1980s who solved complex problems and
escaped dangerous situations by using everyday objects and materials
he found at hand,” said Stilman, an assistant professor in the
School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. “We want to understand
the basic cognitive processes that allow humans to take advantage of
arbitrary objects in their environments as tools. We will achieve this
by designing algorithms for robots that make tasks that are impossible
for a robot alone possible for a robot with tools.”

Well, that’s a tall order since this
is all MacGyver ever needs
, but still you have to admit that it’d
be pretty nifty to see MacGyverbots: Link