Link roundup

1. “All Seven Of Lance Armstrong’s Tour De France Wins Would Now Go To Cyclists With Doping Scandals Of Their Own.”

2. Anthony Petrie is selling copies of the Breaking Bad poster he created for Gallery 1988 along with a cool Walter White print.

3. This is a good interview.

4. 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. For example:

Dr. Bashir actor Alexander Siddig was the first choice to play Benjamin Sisko

Producer Rick Berman saw Siddig playing King Feisal in the British television production A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia, and decided to cast him as Commander Sisko. Berman changed his mind when he realized Siddig was only in his mid-twenties, and instead offered him the part of Dr. Bashir — who was originally named Dr. Julian Amoros. This was a part with way less job security: for the first two years Siddig was on the show, the network was constantly telling Berman and the other producers to fire him, because he was the most unpopular character. But the producers held their ground, because they wanted to change Bashir over time and slowly make him more likable. Also: Siddig and Miles O’Brien actor Colm Meaney fought in real life, while their characters were fighting on the show — they had hours of “furious fights” about England and Ireland, according to Siddig.

5. Barry Eisler’s The Detachment is one of today’s Kindle deals. (I haven’t read this one yet, but I really liked Rain Fall, the first in the series.)