Link roundup

1. Comment and Win a Complete Set of Signed Seven Psychopaths Posters.

2.  Cute story about a young boy who became convinced that the old Gameboy Micro was Nintendo’s latest and best device.

3.  Buzzfeed:

The Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink social media campaign appeared to be relying heavily on celebrity sponsored tweets, and hoping that their fans would just hop onboard and watch the designated hashtag for the event unfold. 

This proved irresistable to a group of trolls, led by comedian Jake Fogelnest, Jon Hendren, and David Thorpe (the guy responsible for hijacking a Wal-Mart Facebook contest to send Pitbull to Alaska) to start fake live-tweeting the event. 

The following is a description of the worst and most absurd party in the history of forever:

4.  The charming Aardman Batman figure has started showing up at eBay.