Life Imitates Mr. Bean: Amateur “Restoration” of 100-Year-Old Fresco

It’s life imitating Mr.
Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie

, where the hapless hero unwittingly
Whistler’s Mother. Here's the story of how a woman
decided to "restore" a deteriorated fresco in Spain:

Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) by Elias Garcia Martinez has held pride
of place in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza for more than
100 years.

The woman took her brush to it after years of deterioration due to
moisture. […]

The woman, in her 80s, was reportedly upset at the way the fresco had
deteriorated and took it on herself to "restore" the image.

BBC Europe correspondent Christian Fraser says the delicate brush strokes
of Elias Garcia Martinez have been buried under a haphazard splattering
of paint.

The once-dignified portrait now resembles a crayon sketch of a very
hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic, he says.