Know-It-All May Suffer from Hindsight Bias

you watch a whodunit movie with someone who later proclaimed that he knew
the killer all along? Don't be annoyed with such people for they probably
couldn't help it. They may be suffering from "hindsight bias":

Researchers found that they are suffering from “hindsight bias”,
when a person genuinely believes that they know something when in fact
they are hearing or seeing it for the first time.

Although the effects might seem relatively harmless, researchers claimed
it could prevent people learning why something has happened or from
taking advice.

Prof Neal Roese, of Northwestern University in Chicago, said: “If
you feel like you knew it all along, it means you won’t stop to
examine why something really happened.

“It’s often hard to convince seasoned decision-makers that
they might fall prey to hindsight bias.”

I, of course, have known about it all along: Link