Father Offers $65 Million Bounty to Any Man Who Can Woo and Marry His Lesbian Daughter

father seeking suitors for his daughter’s hand in marriage is nothing
new, but what makes this story a bit unusual is the bounty of $65 million
a Hong Kong billionaire offered to anyone who can woo and marry his daughter.
Oh, there’s a catch: she’s a lesbian.

Property and shipping tycoon Cecil Chao publicly promised the "marriage
bounty" after reports emerged that his daughter had wed her long-term

Mr Chao, who has never married himself, told the BBC his daughter was
still single and needed a "good husband".

Same-sex unions are not recognised in Hong Kong, although homosexuality
was decriminalised in 1991.

Gigi Chao, a businesswoman and graduate from the University of Manchester,
is said to have married her female partner of seven years, Sean Eav,
in a ceremony in France earlier this year.

But her flamboyant father rejected the claims as false, adding that
his generous offer had already generated many replies from potential