Don’t Look Now

via Boston Dirt Dogs by ssilva on 8/2/11

Boston Dirt Dogs rear view mirror

(BDD Photo Illustration)

But the New York Yankees Are Just 1 Game Back
After Sox Lose Battle of Wounded Knee

Cleveland 9, Boston 6 | Indians Get a Leg Up on Sox at Fenway
It Was a Bard Day’s Night, and Daniel Looked Like a Dog
Don’t Tell Us… John Lackey Just Had an Issue with Location, That’s All This Is
Rumors Continue to Swirl That the $142M Man Homered Last Night
Take It with a Grain of Salty: HR No. 10 Sneaks In

“But I guess further review showed it hit off a lady’s knee, so it looks they got it right. It’s still tough to call.” — Daniel Bard, first runs allowed after 25 scoreless appearances