Best Humble Bundle yet

The latest Humble Bundle features:

Eight works of literary genius. Humble eBook Bundle features eight masterful works from a prodigious league of award-winning authors. Name your price and receive Pirate Cinema (Cory Doctorow), Pump Six and Other Stories (Paolo Bacigalupi), Zoo City (Lauren Beukes), Invasion: The Secret World Chronicle (Mercedes Lackey), Stranger Things Happen (Kelly Link), and Magic for Beginners (Kelly Link). Customers who beat the average will also receive Old Man’s War (John Scalzi) and the graphic novel Signal to Noise (Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean)!

You could lowball and pay $1.  But if history is any guide, there might be more books added later for people who pay more than the average (currently $11.68).  (Zoo City is excellent, and I've really liked other stories by Bacigalupi, Doctorow, and Link (and Gaiman and McKean).)